Mondomix 2019
About the Mondomix Festival
  • The festival dates are 31 May 1 and 2 June 2019
  • You can camp for four nights with an adult weekend ticket.
  • The main entrance gate to the festival is off the B3041 Newbridge Road NOT the main Calbourne Mill entrance.
  • You can buy day and weekend tickets on the day at the festival box office just inside the main festival entrance.
  • You cannot buy weekend or day tickets from the Calbourne Mill ticket office during the festival.
  • Camp Site Opens 6pm Thursday 30st MAY and again 9am Friday 31 May.
  • Camp Site Closes 12 noon Monday 3rd June
  • You can find us using Google maps entering postcode PO30 4JN or Calbourne Water Mill
  • You can buy a camper-van permit BUT ONLY WITH A FULL WEEK-END TICKET.
  • You can buy day tickets Friday Saturday and Sunday but not after 7pm each evening.
  • Tickets for children 17 years and UNDER are free but they can only be obtained by a responsible ticket buying adult.
  • You can camp overnight but only with a three-day ticket.
  • You can enter the site from 2pm Friday and 11am on Saturday and Sunday with a day ticket.
  • There will be food and drink concessions trading on site including the Calbourne Mill Cafe during their opening hours.
  • You will need to carry camping gear from the parking area to the campsite but we have kept the distance to a minimum.
  • Sanitary facilities are very basic but kept clean and serviceable over the week-end.
  • You can use above ground cooking stoves but please no open campfires on the grass.
  • You can bring registered guide dogs to help with your own needs but no other dogs allowed.
  • You can bring alcoholic drinks for your own consumption on the campsite but please bring cans NOT glass bottles.

All ticket purchases are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or changed to a different date.
The use of any illegal drug will not be tolerated including so called legal highs. You may be asked to leave with no refund of your entry fee.
The organisers reserve the right to deny admission to any individual at their own discretion.
If you are lucky enough to look 25 years and under you may be required to produce ID as poof of age if you wish to purchase alcohol at the festival.
If you are 17 years and under and entering the site with a responsible adult you may be required to produce ID as proof of age.
If you are entering the site as an adult with children 17 years and under you are RESPONSIBLE AT ALL TIMES for these children. You will be required to provide a contact telephone number on entry.
Wristbands will be issued in exchange for tickets on entry to the venue. These remain the property of The World Village Project Ltd as organisers and cannot be passed on to others.
At the main Mondomix Festival you can access Calbourne Water Mill with your wristband during their publicised opening hours. No access at any other time.
The MondoMix and Mondogigs@Aspire are small friendly events. Any behaviour that disrupts the enjoyment of others or threatens their safety may result in you being ejected with no refund of entrance fee.
Our experience has already been that those who attending our events are very responsible when it comes to not dropping litter.
We would request that you abide by our ’Please Take Your Litter Home’ policy when possible and if not dispose of your personal litter in the bins provided.

Special Needs Information